Where to buy Qobuz gift card?

i want to use Qobuz France version from outside of France. So is it possible to buy the Qobuz Gift card? Cheers.

You can’t due to licensing of music in different countries. You will get whatever is allowed for the geolocation your in on setting it up. You can still use the gift card but the service itself will be the one allowed for that county if Qobuz is supported their to start with that is.

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I live in Canada and I have my sister who holds an American credit card to pay my yearly account and I pay her back. Another way may be to get a prepaid debit card bought in the US and then join Qobuz? You will have to use a VPN set to a country to which Qobuz provides service, then connect to the Qobuz site to set up your account.

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I think they have recently got wise to using VPN’s and are blocking them.

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They aren’t blocking me. I just tried and it functions well. I use NordVPN connecting to the US where Qobuz is offered.

Cool, they have blocked it for some. Perhaps it’s more about using their own app and Roon.

All I could find is this: Streaming and music Downloads in 24-Bit Hi-Res - Qobuz

thanks but the payment could not go through.