Where to purchase digital downloads?

For the last few months, I’ve used Roon as fed by Qobuz and Tidal. To cut monthly expenses, I’m trying going without Tidal. Of course, running into issues with pretty mainstream albums that Qobuz doesn’t have… Zero 7’s Simple Things, eg.

I imagine there is some website I can go and purchase a Hi-Res version for, say, $10 or $15? And roll that into my Room experience. If I found the need less than once a month, this likely cheaper than maintaining two streaming services…

How do you procure albums from the interwebs? With thanks!!

@Rowdy_Webb Here you go :slight_smile:



Legally hopefully!

I sometimes buy AIFF (WAV with metadata) from Bandcamp

You can also download any other formats as well (included in price)

Tends to be cheaper, and the artist gets most of the money


Qobuz Sublime Membership. You get discount on purchases which are pretty good most of the time and in the last 6 months have had some great sales where you may get up to 50/80% off some labels.


Yes, bandcamp would be a good start … I use it for both physical media and download-only


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Qobuz sells download music.

Other places:

www hdtracks.com

Belows are mostly for classical:

You could also buy directly from the labels. Chandos is a label that also sell its own recordings as well as recordings from other labels.

Hyperion Records

There are many others.

Have fun.

I’ll second Qobuz Sublime Membership
I’ve bought a few items from there.
HDTracks.com gets a second too.


Another site where you can buy downloads is 7digital.com
you mentioned Zero 7. This is what is availble on the ‘belgian’ website of 7Digitla

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Start with Bandcamp, they have Zero 7 and probably other music you like to. A lot of the purchase goes to the artist, especially during Bandcamp Fridays.

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Bandcamp and Qobuz Sublime for me. It’s also worth checking out individual labels, depending on the type of music you like.


I’ve bought digital downloads from the following sources, although mainly the first three (all may not be available in all countries):

Sound Liaison
iTunes store
And, in extremis, HD Tracks

Also direct from some artists’ websites

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As a few have said before: Bandcamp, followed by a Qobuz Sublime Subscription

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I am also Bandcamp, Qobuz Sublime, and eClassical for purchases. I also like to go to artists’ and labels’ websites. It really does seem best to shop around.

Zero 7 - Simple Things has gone in and out of availability over the years, and my guess is copyright? Anyway, I am in the US, and Bandcamp has it for sale as 44.1/16 resolution. I am not sure it has ever been released in a higher resolution, at least I haven’t seen it any higher.

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Thank you all! I downloaded an extended version of Simple Things from Bandcamp for a named-my-price $12. Downloaded FLAC and import to Roon was so easy and now… Oh yeah we’re back in the groove. (Gonna have to read up on “best” digital format, for me) appreciate all the suggestions!


I regularly buy/download from nativedsd.com great quality and after sales service.
Account comes with downloader app.
For me DSD downloads.

& Bandcamp of course :wink:

Presto, HD Tracks, Tidal, Bandcamp, eClassical, Hyperion, and HD Tape Transfers. There probably were a couple more that have slipped my mind.

Dies highrezaudio work with roon and the nucleus?

Only if you download the albums to your Nucleus or whenever your storage is.