Where's my music

Where’s my music?
Starting roon requires some patience.
Pressing the icon on the tablet usually just gives me a black screen with four white letters spelling roon.
After killing all other apps and 3, 4, 5 or 10 attempts roon starts.
Now, I prefer the Artist view, but when you pick an artist, then
Roon takes a break, to start searching for an extract of something called an overview
Why not just show me my library, after all, that’s all I’m looking for.
Please shift the ‘Overview’ and the ‘View albums in my library’ or give me the possibility to decide which one should be default

When using the artist view and then asking to shown my library, not all albums are being shown.
Some have gone missing, a least sometimes. It seems that roon thinks that I woundn’t notice if an album or two is missing, but when it’s 3 out of 5 it’s hard to overlook.

How to edit the meta data,? took some time before I found the functionality because its only visible when the tablet is hold horizontally
It would have been nice if it didn’t make a difference how you hold the tablet.

The UI, I guess I’ll get used to it, including the randomly shown all-grey album covers
or when you cut the top half of the album covers.

It’s my impression that your focus more have been on a new UI and "how to find everything "
than just showing “my music”.

Well, it’s nice that there is lots of room for improvement and something to look forward to🙄

Best regards Henrik Ahlers


Sounds like you have problems in your set up. If write a post on support.