Which BIOS file for 11th Gen NUC?

Hello. I recently purchased an Intel NUC11PAHi7. I’m following Roon’s instruction for installing ROCK. I’m trying to figure out which BIOS file to download from Intel’s website. The options are:
-*Express BIOS update [PATGL357.0051.EBU.exe]
-*F7 BIOS update [PA0051.CAP]

  • *UEFI BIOS update [PATGL357.0051.UEFI.zip]
    I downloaded them all. None have the .bio extension to place on a flash drive, so now I’m stuck. What am I overlooking?

I asked the same question when I bought my 11 gen NUC. It turns out you do not need to update the BIOS. Just go ahead and and install ROON.


If you choose to update the bios file, you will need to use the .cap file as you will use the F7 method

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Good to know. Thank you.

Ok. I created an image drive to install on the new NUC. During the boot setup, I noticed that the SSD drive is not an option. I went ahead and tried to install the OS with the flash drive. In the process, the NUC recognized the drive (Samsung 128GB). However, when I selected and confirmed the drive is an SSD, I got a message that the NUC was unable to partition the drive. I attached a photo of the message.

I decided to try to update the BIOS. I put the cap file on a different flash drive and connected it to the NUC. After getting to the boot screen, I noticed that it didn’t see the BIOS file. So now I am unable to update the BIOS. Was I supposed to do more than drag and drop the BIOS file onto the flash drive?

The SSD was used in my previous ROCK setup on a 7th Gen i5. I chose both to do a fresh install and to recover the partition. Neither worked. Not sure what else to try.