Which CPU for upsampling upcoming in 1.3?

In the upcoming 1.3 what specs does the processor need to have to fully use the samplerate conversion? Is a i5 NUC powerful enough?

What version of cpu is your i5? What is the model number of the NUC you are referring to.



I am using a NUC6I5SYH with ubuntu studio, Roon Server and HQPlayer…
8Gb memory and a M2 sata drive…

upsampling works perfect without any drop outs up to DSD128.

So My guess is this will work in Roon 1.3 as well…

waiting to find out…


I dont have the NUC right now and if I go down the ROCK rute I dont want to buy anything that wont work ok with all the new stuff in 1.3

I would say based on what Danny has said you should be fine.


So that doesnt really help others who need to get upsampling to get to DSD512…what CPU/specs would be needed to get to that rate?

Roon 1.3 is still capped at DSD256/384kHz for now.

I’m sure that will increase over time–just trying to limit the number of variables that we are managing to keep stable in one release. There are no hard technical barriers to going higher.

A i7 3700k (3rd gen i7, from 2012) here upsamples to DSD256 comfortably, but probably couldn’t keep up with DSD512.

A comparable current-generation CPU like the 6700k feels like it would be able to. Hard to know for sure without trying it. And of course, we’ll probably do some optimization work as part of raising the limit, so that might help things meet in the middle.

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