Which device for bridge roon?

(Nick Vas) #1

Goodmorning guys.

I just want to try roon.well i have a laptop and a raspberry. I used to listen with my hard drive attached to raspberry.now i want to install roon in my laptop, ropieee to raspberry and nas my hard drive.

Well my worries now.raspberry shares the power with ethernet and usb.also each 2 usbs share the same power.so 500ma is the output for one usb.so for the dac this is not so good.also raspberry pi doesn’t created for hifi.even so you powered pi with a lps …the pi creates a lot of noise.

Signature allo is a good stuff,but spdif which is old technology with i2s.spdif creates jitter etc.

Allo usb bridge with sparky is the solution that i think is a good for me.i don’t know much of it. That i know it has low noise.does this works with roon bridge via dietpi?how much ma has as usb output?is it sounds goos?

Also a cubox is another option but i don’t know if it has better usb from the pi or sparky.and also i don’t know if it supports ropieee and generally if it sounds better from all this stuff.

I would just put the laptop to my dac but i don’t have space.

So please I want your option for all this and if there is an option better from that just tell me know.i don’t want to waste my money for nothing or to expensive machines.i think there is a way cheaper that outperforms the expensive ones…and this is that i am looking for.

Thanx in advance.

(Ged) #2

I don’t think there is a definite answer to all of your points.
Some people are perfectly happy with just a Pi feeding their DAC whilst others have elaborate chains of power supplies, reclockers, signal purifiers etc.
There are two things you can do.
First off try using the Pi by itself into a DAC and see what YOU hear.
Second is to read the forum threads, there are many, about end point devices, Pi, HATs, etc.
There are loads of people keen to help.

Perhaps set out the type of laptop, what hifi equipment you have that you are going to listen through and then people will be better informed to help you.

(Nick Vas) #3

Thanx for the answer.i just want the best.

Does the reclocker and purifier solve the problem?i think they don’t.

My system is hegel and harbeth c7es and macbook.maybe i can play roon via dlna to hegel…but the signal doesn’t goes inside filters…purifier or reclocker.


Which Hegel do you have?
The newer ones look like they might be getting RAAT added at some point to make them a roon bridge.

(Nick Vas) #5

The h190.

As i say before…i don 't think so that is the best way.also i have an external dac so…i don’t care about dlna through hegel. I just want a good way to transport my files.

(Ged) #6

I wonder start with a pi as the endpoint feeding your DAC after all the new flagship Hegel 590 has a Pi inside it.

(Nick Vas) #7

It doesn 't matter that the hegel doing.

I just wondering the best way to play music.i looking for a very good transport with roon bridge.

(Ged) #8

OK. Probably best to give some indication of price you are willing to pay. Again can be from £50 to £XXXXs

(Nick Vas) #9

There is cheap ideas that outperfotms the expensive one.

I just looking the best for cheap options.

(Fernando Pereira) #10

Allo USBridge+Diet Pi with an LPS (Sbooster in my case) is a pretty decent transport. I own one, as well as the Hegel H360, but I’ve never used them together because I prefer my Yggdrasil A2 DAC (with Auralic Aries Femto AES as source) to the Hegel’s built-in DAC. The H190 should work OK for PCM up to 192/24 with the USBridge. No DSD support, though (doesn’t matter to me but it may matter to you). S/PDIF coax may be an older technology, but in multiple pairings I’ve evaluated, it was as good or better than USB audio as a digital source. The other point to keep in mind is that DietPi needs a bit of care and feeding over the Linux shell command line, it’s Web-based management can get stuck especially in version upgrades.

FWIW, the most trouble-free, highest-quality digital source I’ve used over 6 years or so of experimenting with many options has been the Metrum Ambre. That is quite a bit pricier, but Metrum has now a “baby” version.

(Nick Vas) #11

Thanx for the info my friend.was very useful.

Well hegel’s dac is not a good thing.so i order yggdrasil.i think raspberry from that i read is very decent.

Having that as fact…my next worry is if the usb recloker-isolator etc makes the sound better. I read from a different guys that the reclokers isolators harm the sound,…but with some hifi machines!all this hifi machines as we all know have inside recloker chip.but the raspberry don’t.

So in theory raspberry want a reclocker…in a real world?

Also what is your opinion about sparky usbridge vs rasp with a external reclocker(for example uptone iso)?

Finally yggdrasil ,from that i know,have reclocker-isolator…so maybe i only want raspberry and all the external things are waste of money am i right?

(Fernando Pereira) #12

The Hegel DAC (at least the one on the H360) is quite good, actually. It’s just that I prefer the overall sound, soundstage, and detail of the Yggdrasil. But that’s in part a personal preference. When I got the Hegel, I liked what I heard with its internal DAC. But then I brought in the Yggdrasil to compare, and after it went through its rather long burn-in/warm-up period, I definitely liked it better, as did friends and family who listened to both alternatives. This is with the H360 amp, KEF Reference 1 speakers, and REL T7i subwoofers. But really, I would first enjoy the H190 as a whole for a while, deciding what you like and what you do not about it, before starting to look at external DACs.

As for reclockers/isolators/… from experience I’ve ended up happier and spending just a bit more by getting good integrated digital sources – Auralic Aries Femto and Metrum Ambre – for my two home systems than complicated chains of cheaper streamers, isolators, converters, and power supplies.

Last but not the least, some DACs do better than others with different sources. For example, the Soekris dac1541 I have at work does not distinguish much among USB, S/PDIF coax, or AES. I currently feed it with a relatively cheap Pi+Pi 2 Designs 502DAC HAT>AES but I tried it with the USBridge I have around and I could not hear much difference.

(Nick Vas) #13

Yggdrasil as read have inside isolator/reclocker.usb 5 gen.

So maybe i doesn’t need ao much staff.am i?

(Fernando Pereira) #14

Gen 5 USB on Schiit upgradeable DACs improved their USB input, but many of us still prefer S/PDIF or AES. I use AES. Schiit has been designing a new USB board that might end up as good or better than S/PDIF and AES for their DACs, but it is not yet available and we don’t know when it will be.

(Nick Vas) #15

Reaching little bit more i canceled the ygg.no good noise floor.

I am little bit confused about raspberry and dac…

(Fernando Pereira) #16

Yggy A2 noise floor is very good, that’s a lot of misinformation about this DAC on the net. But there other very good DACs in the same price range, you should get what is best for you.

What’s confusing about the Pi?

(Nick Vas) #17

I see some measurments that’s not so good as the benchmark.benchmaek is the best machine for this momey,…but it doesn’t have the midrange freq that i want.one day a guy told me that i am looking for distortion placebo.

For the pi i don’t if it worth to keep it maybe with external reclocker or to take a signature hat or sparky usb bridge.

(Fernando Pereira) #18

Not all measurements out there are equally trustworthy, Use your judgment, or, even better, your ears. I very much doubt Benchmark is the best DAC in that price range. Standard DAC measurements miss important sound subtleties. For instance, if you just paid attention to those limited measurements, you’d be ignoring NOS DACs like the Metrum Onyx (which I currently own) and the Holo Spring (which I used to own), two very engaging, detailed DACs.

Pi with a good HAT and a solid linear power supply works well. I currently have a Pi with a Pi 2 Designs 502DAC HAT feeding AES to a Soekris dac1541 for my work system, very good overall, although not as engaging as my Metrum Ambre>I2S>Metrum Onyx home headphone system,

(Nick Vas) #19

Thanx for the help.

I am wondering how close is pi with ambre in the same system.

Finally for the dac i have to choose…holo vs onyx…or benchmark or rme adi 2. I think holo and onyx have for mids freq…i like it…but i don’t know if with benchmark or rme i can live with the neutural sound.

(justjames) #20

What’s the reason NOS get no love or advertisement or reviews? I honestly had never even heard of Metrum or Holo until late last year.