Which modulator do you use?

Modulators are just as important as filters. I would therefore be pleased to hear about your experiences.

The reason for my post is the new AHM7EC5L modulator for DSD1024 in HQP version 5.3.0.

I am very impressed by the more precise bass. I hear better instrument separation and more space.

Less computing power is required than previously with DSD512 using the ASDM7EC-super 512+fs modulator.

I agree with you on the importance of the modulators. Far more impact on SQ than filters.
Nevertheless, what filter(s) are you using?
Important related to load on CPU.

I have been circling around pretty much all “fat” 7EC ones. It was somewhat easier before HQP 5.x - back than 7ECv2 was an absolute unbeatable winner for everything! :slight_smile:

Now it gets “complicated” but difference is clearly there, and it feels “new” algorythms like “light” or “super” are more sensitive to source material.

To be more specific 7ECv3 and “Light” is a primary choices, “Super” to me always/often felt unnatural and somewhat busy, but I come to super time to time on some records. I’m quite interested in 512+fs versions, but cant really get them @1024.

I hear those qualities as well.
Denafrips Pontus II dac
Ubuntu server (very minimal), i7 13700 CPU, 16GB RAM
No cuda, lightish load on cpu (average ~ 12%)