Which NAS is recommended

I am planning to purchase an AYRE QX-5 Twenty and will be using it with a NAS. What would your recommendation be. @support

QNAP TVS-x71 or better. Make sure you at least an i3 cpu. But unless you require a NAS for massive storage, we don’t recommend using a NAS.

I would say if you have a NAS already then just use it…

If you are wanting a space just for your musing and don’t need a NAS if you collection is less than 10gb then just get a big powered usb drive and perhaps a second drive to back up your music

If on the other hand you plan to run roon on the NAS then consider a NUC and rock

I have 2 TB of music stored would a nuc and a rock be capable?

yes… and if it’s the right height drive, you can fit into the NUC – otherwise USB storage will work.

I know what a nuc is but what is a rock

Hi @Tom_Russell — All the information you need on ROCK can be found here :wink:



I think that what Danny is referring to is a higher profile NUC in which a 2nd hard drive for storage can be placed inside the unit.

Otherwise for the lower profile unit, then you will need an external USB hard drive.


note that if you use a usb drive, you can use your drive as-is – but if you use it internally, it will require reformatting.

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I have the Intel NUC7i7BNH with an internal M.2 for ROCK and a 2.5" SSD for storage and it works great. Much better than using a NAS.