Which Nucleus did you go with?

Which Nucleus did you go with, Nucleus or Nucleus+?

I went with the Nucleus simply based on two things: I have fewer than 45000 tracks, and I did not, nor plan, use of any DSP functions, though I have experimented with some upsampling of 44k and 48k to 176k and 192k. This was just to see if it would sonically benefit doing the upsampling in Roon, versus within the DAC. What I found was either no benefit or lesser quality of audio when doing it within Roon. I did not fault the processing speed of the Nucleus for this, as it never put any significant stress on its processing, which is shown during playback.

Hope that helps.

the Nucleus can handle all DSP with all PCM – it only gets intro trouble with some DSP at some higher rates of DSD.

The Nucleus+ can handle a lot larger library size as well.

That’s a big help. I am leaning towards the Nucleus for the very reasons you state, and the cost difference.

I have about 5TB of music files, mostly FLAC with some 64 and 128 DSD and think the Nucleus will do nicely.

I went for the basic Nucleus. It arrived today. I have put a 1 TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD in it. I am quite excited by the prospect of connecting it to my network

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