Which Nucleus should I get?

I am running Roon Core on a MacBook Pro - with 16GB RAM quad core. It’s in a 30ft listening room (not near hi-fi but too near listening position) with a Sonicorbiter SE connecting to an Audiolab M-DAC+ feeding two Audiolab 8200MB monoblocks to Focal Aria 926 speakers and two subs in a 2.2 system.

I have two other Hifi systems in the house - both with amps and floorstanding speakers - that see some use via Apple Airport.

I’ve recently been contemplating importing a Sonictransporter i7 to the UK - so I can get Roon Core off the MacBook Pro in the main room - and onto a dedicated machine which is a turnkey solution and eliminates the noise the fan off the Mac creates if it is doing other CPU intensive tasks. I always want something always on.

Enter Nucleus.

Few notes: 99% of my Roon music is via Tidal. So no real music storage required.

Few questions:

Is standard i3 Nucleus powerful enough given its use? (In relation to the quad core 16GB Mac)

Does Nucleus mean I can connect the DAC direct and move Sonicorbiter to another room? Or do I still need it with Nucleus. If so, I’ll have run out of Ethernet ports. (Sonictransporter having two configured ports would have been useful)

Are there any other discernible advantages - other than having a dedicated noiseless unit - or is it an expensive solution to release the Mac that is more than capable currently, albeit occasionally noisy.

Any advice, opinions or suggestions on set-up welcome.

how many tracks are in your library?

do you play DSD often, and do you use DSD + DSP?

1500 Albums, 20,000 Tracks - 99% TIDAL.

Yes, I use DSD and DSP.

I’ve just cottoned on to downloading Roon Server on the Mac today - and using DSP for DSD upsampling - looking at the Activity Monitor, on average 90% of the CPU is idle, memory pressure low. Processing Speed is x3.5.

This has also impacted on noise. And it’s quick. I have a 200MB internet connection.

Thanks in advance Danny.

if you want to do DSD upsampling, get the Nucleus+ – if you have more than 100,000-120,000 tracks, get a Nucleus+.

For less than 100k-120k tracks and if you don’t do DSD upsampling, get the Nucleus.

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i will never use upsampling… i have 2 devialet pro220 mono+mono and end point volumio on asus thinker board which is connected with usb siltech anniversary usb cable… and one zone only; harberth super 5plus…
is nucleus i3 ideal for me?

@Tunc_Ugurdag – it depends on your library size. see my post above.

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