Which OS prefer for Roon Server?

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Which OS is perfect for running Roon Server? WIndows 10 Pro 64 bit, Windows Server 2012 or 2016?

Roon is design for running under which kind of OS?

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Roon works on all major OS. Windows, OSX and Linux.

Windows works well but on a dedicated machine my preference would be Linux or ROCK (which only works on specific hardware).

If compare between windows 10 pro and Windows server 2012, which one is best?

If you go with a server edition, do. There is much less additional software on a base server edition than with Windows 10.

My PC specs is
Intel i7 7700t
gigabyte z270x gaming 8
16gb ddr4 Ram
HDplex h5 gen 2 passive heatsink system.

What I worry is driver support for Windows servers 2012 on gigabyte z270x gaming 8.

If I use Intel Xeon Processor and server board to solve the driver issue but The high tpd of xeon processes seem like not an ideal for HDplex h5 gen 2.

Windows 10 or Windows server… I need stability.

Personally, I’d go for Windows 10 Pro, rather than server. If you run Roon Server on it, and have Roon endpoints over the network, then the additional software in Windows 10 as compared to Windows Server OSes is probably irrelevant.

I also have the distinct suspicion that the Roon team views Windows 10 as the first line supported OS. If I look through the forums, support of Windows Server (certainly in the early days) was AYOR.

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Thank you for your comments. This is what I concern. I will stick on windows 10 pro since roon is most focus on this OS.

On Windows, 10 Pro is the one we find the least troubles with, and the Server editions are a total mess of extra software being used to force them into a state that makes them acceptable for Roon.

If you really want to go minimal, Linux is a far superior choice over Windows Server. I speak briefly about this point here:



Second this!!! :slight_smile:

Can rock support more than 2 internal storage?

I don’t believe so, since ROCK is designed around Intel NUCs, and the models that support internal storage only support one (2.5") drive in addition to the M.2 SSD.

However, ROCK will support multiple USB drives and NAS.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of installing ROCK on your existing PC, then do so AYOR - you’ll be running a MOCK system

I prefer mac . Runs flawlessly for me

ROCK can, but the Intel NUC can only do 2.5" low-power drives, and not the 15mm drives. That limits you to 2TB right now.

There is a 5tb 15mm drive, you might be able to squeeze in with some case surgery…

I’ve run it on all of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Linux has been the only one that really works for me. The server stuff, mostly file systems and remote access works best from LInux. The UI stuff works from all the others.

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Not sure where to post this, but has anyone managed to install Roon Server on a Rock64?

Just going from the website, the Rock64 seems more like something on which you’d install Roon Bridge.