Which sounds better; JustBoom Amp HAT or IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+?

These Pi amps are quite similar as they use the same amp chip, the TAS5756M
Has anyone had the opportunity to try both?

Both are supported by Ropieee so it will be easy to choose once I decide.

Hi @ogs did you end up going with one or the other?

I have a RPi set-up feeding a USB DAC and I’m looking to add another RPi endpoint to my system and am considering one of the two HATs you listed and would love any input on which you went with (if either) and how it has been working for you. Thanks!

No, sorry I did not buy any of them. I ended up with the (then new) Tannoy Gold 8 active speaker. Not too happy with the Tannoys, but OK for the money…
I do use an rpi4 with RoPieee though :slight_smile:

Yes, I use RoPieee on my rpi4 with an external DAC and I love the set-up.

I am looking for a more compact solution though for another room and a rpi4 with a combined DAC/amp HAT fits the bill, but I am having trouble choosing which one. I am leaning towards the JustBoom, partially because I can find them for sale while the other, which is now owned by Rasberry Pi Foundation, is out of stock everywhere due to chip shortages no doubt. I doubt there will be a significant difference between the two for this specific use case anyway.

Sorry to hear you don’t love Tannoys.

Thanks again!

I use a Hi Fi Berry Dac2hd / Aamp 60 with Ropieee for some ceiling speakers- which works amazingly well.

Only downside is there aren’t any off the shelf cases.

I expect the Amp2 is also good - and there are cases for that.