Which to make core and which to make client, plus, plugins

All audio files are stored on a Synology NAS.

I want to use Desktop A as my playback unit. Desktop A is connected via USB to my DAC.

Desktop A has J River installed, with plugins I need to use (assume convolution for this thread.) The J River installation uses MSB Audio’s Wasapi driver.

I’d like to use Laptop B to browse, change tracks, etc. I want to be able to edit tags on Laptop B (I edit ranking, sometimes adjust genre, etc. as I listen.) As an aside, I currently use Team Viewer on Laptop B to control Desktop A as my “remote control mechanism”

The NAS, Desktop A, and Laptop B are all on the same wired network.

My questions: (1) Should Desktop A or Laptop B be the core unit?, and, (2) how do I configure Roon to use the plugins that I am currently using in J River?

i would use desktop A as the core, and laptop b as the remote. this should be a fairly standard Roon implementation. i can’t comment on the JRiver and plugins questions.

If you want Roon to sit on top of JRiver, you have to use JRiver’s WDM driver. I don’t have familiarity with it, but there are others on the community here that have had success with it.