Which Transfer Playlists tools are best?

Anyone can tell me, which tool are best for transfer playlists??

Thank You

Definitely MusConvTool

Soundiiz works very well. But you need to subscribe and pay an annual fee (c. 20USD p.a. if I am not mistaken for 20 syncs)

Thank you for your suggest

Thank you Very much :green_heart:

try https://www.tunemymusic.com/ 1000 songs can be transferred free of charge per playlist.

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Thank you :green_heart:

Soundiiz. Basic stuff is free

Thanks guys as well.
I wanted to transfer some of my daily mixes to Tidal so this is good information :+1:

Soundiiz worked just fine for me. Had to pay though. I believe it was £4 for the month. Once I’ve transferred all my music, I cancelled it.

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