Which way could I use Roon outside?

Hi! Is there a way to use Roon outside the house, for example on holiday? Eventually I could use a Chord Mojo+Poly and a Huawei P30 or a MacBook Pro. Thanks a lot

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I assume you mean access and use your Roon Core across the Internet ? External to your home network

The answer is NO, Roon works only on the network the core is connected to

It’s a long standing request for “Roon Mobile “ but so far no indication of if or when

It depends on what the user is asking for.
First, if the user’s library is local on their laptop, they could take the laptop to a party and play Roon there. You don’t need to be on the network for that. Roon will just need to check in with Roon about once a month to validate the license.
To extend the idea, you could probably bring your laptop to a party and use the internet connection there to use a streaming service. You’d probably need to log in to Roon and the streaming service. But if the laptop is the core/database, the router and DNS server will find the other things it needs to find.
Sure it is a hassle to have to do this. @Mike_O_Neill is right that a mobile Roon isn’t available.

Implement a VPN solution so that you become virtually on your home network when you are outside your home. Even though it works, I personally do not use it.

I requested this feature from Roon a while back.

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I have an old iPod Classic 160 , a lot less bother :joy:

Apart from that South African data costs make it a non starter, also I rarely leave the house :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I use Google remote desktop on my PC at home and laptop at work. I log into my home PC from work and it works OK as long as there isn’t too much internet traffic.

There is another user on the forum that has ‘developed’ a step by step guide for setting up a VPN connection based around a Pi4. I haven’t tried it yet but reading through the instructions it looks pretty straight forward.

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Chord mojo/poly has a perfectly good SD card slot. 512gb loaded up and press play!
I also use the iPod suggestion too, I’m not sure everything since has been progression for portable music.

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In addition to the sd card (which sounds great) you can also stream Tidal and Qobuz from the Poly…so all your music is still available, just without the great interface.

Clearly this could be possible and it’s a question of whether the roon connection can be configured at at something like 160kbps mp3, then you could get away with the latency problem. I’m a newbie here telling roon what to do :flushed::bowing_man: