Who among you will choose the monthly payment after the trial period?

I am in the trial period and I don’t know what to do…
I don’t own an expensive setup: fiio q1 mark 2 from my laptop (in exclusive wasapi mode) and active speakers presonus.
I listen Tidal for 99 % of the time even if I own 700 GB of flacs . I enjoy the clearness of the sound.
I love Roon. But I don’t know if I really need it.
So I think to start with monthly payment to understand better my intentions.
Who else is in my condition?:joy:

That sounds wise to me, I had a similar dilemma but before monthly was an option. Every time renewal came around I agonised . I cancelled a few times but very quickly came back.

The quote is “turn off Roon and see how long you manage”

In your place I would run monthly and see in 6 months how you feel.

I didn’t buy lifetime and now am unlikely to , so I’ll do annual

Good luck

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I think if I had not had such a fantastic trouble free experience from the first get go and monthly had been available that’s the route I would have taken, at least for a few months.

You can hardly get the best feel for Roon in 2 weeks.

I think going monthly in your situation would be a wise choice.

My experiance with Roon was excellent from the start, i whish i found out earlier about it.
Never had any problems, all positive, just like the forum community.
The price of lifetime made me decide that it was not worth betting on (for me).
In a few years the landscape will be different, technologies advance, streaming (companies) changes and Roon maybe will not have the support for them.
Had lifetime price been the same as it was before the price raise, i would be a lifer.
Now i am a Roon user, that can change when new players emerge with a feature set that appeals to me.
Not being bound to Roon makes this easy, but hope Roon will be around and proves me wrong.

Promised Roon Ready for my amp., but not delivered tributed to the decision.

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I had a trial and extended that with a paid month to get a bit more time. I was hooked on the interface, discovered more new music and learned some new facts from the write ups so have subscribed for a year. My only gripe is that there are some annoying glitches in the iOS app but hopefully they’ll get sorted over time.


Yes, I started with the free trial, moved to monthly payment, then after a few months went to annual payment.

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A small PS to my post

My prevarication as to whether renew or not was NOT due to any stability concerns but rather some omissions and shortfalls on Classical music.

I have run Roon on windows 10 (Via Ethernet I may add) for 5 years without a Blip

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If I pay monthly, can the subscription be suspended for a month or I lose my settings?

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As far as I know the settings and your edits etc are tied to your localdatabase as long as that stays intact then if it lapses and picked up again it carry on from where you left it. Any new additions from streaming services will sync in. Just don’t uninstall it and back it up before your leave it.

If/when you uninstall there is a checkbox that is set default to NOT delete the db and settings.

You must change this to delete them , so DON’T :joy:

I love red wine, good beers, well made (but not hugely expensive) fountain pens, well engineered propelling pencils, silk ties, and single malt scotch whiskies. I don’t need any of them, but I’m not about to give them up.

Same for Roon.

As others have said, try it for a few months and see how you get it. If it brings you enjoyment, switch to an annual subscription.


I think somebody in these forums recently wrote something along the lines of “don’t purchase Roon for what you hope it will become”. I purchased a yearly subscription anyway and I feel I save a little cash and support a promising solution at the same time. It’s lacking in core places, but enjoy using it so far. If there’s been no development in Roon in the areas I focus on most in a year, I might change my mind.

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