Who does your genre tags?

While I often find I don’t agree with many of them, I’ve just ran across one that strikes me as completely bizarre - like someone threw a dart at a list of genre tags and used that.

The War and Treaty album Healing Tide is tagged as FOLK. Go ahead, listen to any song on there. Maybe even just the first one, but pick one at random.

I’ve gone and listened to every cut of theirs I can find, and damned if I can find ANY that I’d classify as FOLK.

The result is that Roon Radio gets it terribly, terribly wrong. It doesn’t queue up Delaney and Bonny and Friends, or Blues Brothers, or… any R&B, which is pretty much what they are.

I find the genre tags in Roon to be so questionable…

It comes from this data: https://www.allmusic.com/album/healing-tide-mw0003185630

We sometimes report objective factual errors back to them, but this is a bit more subjective.

You may want to let them know yourself, but also, if this is a brand new release, note that it sometimes takes a few weeks for their editorial staff to actually look at the album – if they haven’t reviewed it yet, this may just be coming from the label.

Hope that helps!


And they have a “submit corrections” section, which is great…and I did.

In this case, this band will put off anyone who finds them by that tag, and will be missed by those who would love their music.