Who has experience with the Chord Etude?

I’m (slowly) looking around for a new amp.
With that I’m also thinking about updating my Hugo 2 to a Hugo TT2.

Anyone experience with this little amp? The reviews are mainly great, but would be nice if someone over here has some experience with it…


Please share a link for those of us who are less familiar. Thanks.

Here is a link …


@ChrisSU I believe got an Etude to go with with his Chord DAC and ditched Naim amplification and is very happy with it.

I did indeed, very happy with my Étude. It was designed to match the Dave which I already owned, and I felt it was a significant step up from the Naim 282/250 I had before. I didn’t need analogue inputs, so it was nice to be able to lose 3 boxes too. The Étude has more power than my 250 had and really has more grip and control over the speakers.

There’s also the cheaper Chord TToby (where do they get those names!?) which was designed to match the TT so may be worth considering too.

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I’ve looked at the Toby but the Etude has my interest because of it’s topology.
And maybe I want a Dave also in the near future :wink:

Regards Harry