Who is David Gahan? ;)

Hi Roon,

just noticed that you have “David Gahan” instead of “Dave Gahan” in your metadata database. Could you please correct (search results for David Gahan on Tidal is exactly 0)?

I have been testing Roon now for about three weeks and what I find a little bit annoying are those wrong metadata tags. It reminds me of Gracenote which was included in a car entertainment system I owned: always displayed wrong artists and track titles even when files were tagged correctly.

In Roon library settings I set almost everything to “prefer file” instead of “prefer Roon”, nevertheless there seem to be some situations where this setting is ignored. Two examples:

  1. If I search for “Dave Gahan” only one album is found, it’s an album you don’t have in your database. Other albums are not found, they are tagged with “Dave Gahan” as artist and settings are “prefer file”, so I would assume those albums should be found when I search for “Dave”…

  2. I have a track in my library: “You’re mine” from “Lola Marsh”. It is recognized as “Days to come”. “Prefer file” helps in that case except of one place: If this track is the next track in queue, the now playing screen still shows “Up next, Days to come, Lola Marsh”.

Could you please fix these issues? Thank you very much!!! :sunglasses: