Who is "Eric Prydz VS Floyd" and why are they in Pink Floyd's Recommended albums?

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This artist has the name “Floyd” in it, but has no connection with Pink Floyd at all.

Thanks. I will crawl back into my cave now.

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No worries. There’s an awful lot of surprising stuff out there. I wasn’t aware of this until you posted…

Eric Prydz is pretty good but…

A few of us have been talking about this, mostly voting as “bizarre”, recommendations that Roon comes up with when it crosses genre this way. I would assume most Pink Floyd fans are fans of the genre first and then some remix that crosses genres not so much. Someone who listens to Pink Floyd and EDM / House might want a mixed playlist but I also know very few people who fit that criterion.

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I just listened this. Yeah… ok… Again, I like Eric Prydz I’m not sure why this would be thrown into a Pink Floyd mix.

anyway if you’re looking for a fun Pink Floyd influenced cross-over I can recommend

  • The Orb - Metallic Spheres

Which is EDM but would take you a min to recognize what was going on if thrown into a PF playlist.

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