Whole discographies with notification about new releases

Hello, not sure if it’s already been requested but it would be great to have the possibility to see the whole discography for each artist and some kind of “highlighted notification” for the most recent releases (within 30/45 days…).
For example few days ago Aphex Twin released a new EP and I didn’t know anything about it. If ROON could notify us about these new releases it would be perfect.


I requested this almost 3 years ago:


This would be great to have. What’s the most reliable source of complete discographies, or does that already come with Rovi data?

I don’t have 3 years experience with ROON, more like half year, but this is one of the things that I found it will be great to have from the very beginning.

Great request! Count me in for requesting this option.

Me too!

Also information about a new album released from one of your favorite artists would be awesome.

Me too great idea!

Yeow! I would love this!

Count me in as +1

Yes! This is one of my favorite screens. I can see the original release year, cover art and rating. The user ratings are nice, too for comparison. I tend to own most of the albums of my favorite artists so Roon works similar but I would value a grayed out listing (or link to a discography) for what I’m missing of regular albums (not compilations).

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@Vectra - good choice of artist :slight_smile: As well as the classics, Up is a personal favourite.

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