Whole house distribution and integration with Roon

In the intial announcement, there was mention of software that would be focused on whole house audio distribution. I have an MC600 which I use on that front, but also have a couple NAS servers. So I am not above ditching the mc if necessary,though not ideal. Any event, sounds like you are working on a targeted product. Given the focus on the Mac mini ,will it be integrated with Savant? That would be huge as Savant is far to focused on iTunes…

Look forward to hearing the details.

Thank you

If you’re already doing whole house distribution with an MC600, I think you should be in good shape. What are your control points?

As for Savant - I’m a fan of their products and their current direction, although I can’t speak on any current or future discussions.

That said, if you think we’d be a good fit for integration into their ecosystem, feel free to let them know :grinning:

The audio on your MC600 is awesome, as is the zone linking quality. It is the theoretically the best one can achieve, because the clocks are all synced.

We will support it very nicely. Your NASs will work too.

The Mac Mini is just one use case. I have a Mac Mini for many things but for Roon, I prefer the Intel NUC. People on our team are using laptops with the lids closed (but not asleep), desktop PCs, and other form factors as well.

Good to hear the MC600 getting some love. I have actually been debating all sorts of options. I use the analog outs, controlled via ipad for outdoors and digital outs, controlled locally. Actually getting ready to do a renovation, which would allow for the use of all the zones. So I am very intrigued with the prospects of end points that are not all high $$$ value but also integrated.

As for Savant, I will see what I can do. KKR just bought them. You want to work with another private equity team?