Why are low res artist images used in Discover page?

I noticed on Discover page that often low res (i.e kind of blurry) artist images used instead of the high res ones I have. Any reason for this? Is it because of the resizing algorithm used?

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I expect it helps load faster, after all once you follow a link you have your hi Res files.

Makes sense but most of these images are cropped and resized anyway so wouldnt that reduce the image size?

i think the low res images are contradictory to the slick, polished feel Roon is trying to get to. Maybe to “hide” the low res appearance blur all images on Discover page a bit so it looks like it is supposed to look that way.


It loads so slowly on Android, I don’t think users would be happy if it’s slower. In a perfect world we would love hi Res images all over. Perhaps one day.

Just looking again on my IPad Pro and the images don’t look Low Res to me. I wanted to load a screen shot but it’s too high yes…lol ohhh the irony…

Some artists just are blurry. Especially in the 60s.

I understand that…What I am saying is that Roon actually has a high res image in the Artists page but on the Discovery page, the image becomes low res.

I’m still a little blurry from the 60s.

I see what you’re talking about, but I can’t discern a pattern in when the “extreme” downsampling happens and when it doesn’t. Maybe it has to do with whatever code Roon is using to crop and resize the photos? There must be some optimization in there so that downsized photos aren’t crazy high res, but it appears that something’s not quite right in certain cases.

This issue certainly persists in the current release (1.3.223), and does seem to affect some images more than others. Any updates on this issue @support?

Here is an example Discover screenshot:

Notice in particular that the Charlie Haden/Jim Hall album cover shows extreme jpeg-like distortion. Here is the Album page, where the image is nearly the same size, but looks MUCH better:

Also, the Seattle Symphony image is extremely blurry. Compare here to the Artist page:

The London Symphony image on the Discover page looks rather normal by comparison. There is definitely a bit of peculiarity in the image rescaling here.