Why are western audio forums based on TEXTS?

Hello, I’m from Korea

I’m not here to criticize other forums, I really just hope to know your opinion.

Since I love audio and listen to music, I tried to find other forums not in Korea.

I found that most of forums based on English have a lot of texts.

I was in confusion because a lot of Korean audio communities put lots of pictures and videos about audio on forum.
Also, you can see them on first page of the forum.

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I don’t know about other forums but this one uses the open source Discord software.

There is provision for users to upload pictures in posts, but they don’t appear on the index pages.

There is also a thread about gear where many people have uploaded picture of their systems.

I suppose it depends on the goal of the discussion. If a discussion benefits from visuals, then images make sense. On the other hand, if it is a discussion that doesn’t benefit from visuals, I wouldn’t want them in just to be there.

Am I misunderstanding the point you are making?

Do you see an area of discussion that this forum needs that would be better served with more images?

Please suggest anything that would be of benefit to the roon community.

I understand what you meant to say.

Korean communities are not really focused on discussion.

Of course they do discuss about audio, but it’s not as deep as forums like here.

I guess Korean communities more like to share their experiences about audios, like how they felt about their audio system. (+ showing off)

I guess the forums that I visited here are more focused on discussion, and most people here prefer it.

Thank you for idea, it helped me understand a lot.

Wow, how nice of you :slight_smile:

I will visit the ‘thread about gear’ and take a look.

Maybe it’s a difference of position on index page…

Thank you !

Anthropologically speaking, western cultures are based on written words. The Bible and other religious texts, state constitutions, laws, science and cooking recepies etc etc many people believe more in written words than in what their neighbor tells them. Also, many westerners like to argue and defend their opinion :wink:
I don’t know if this is a helpful explanation?
However can you share a link to a Korean Hi-Fi website? I am interested in the differences.

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Roon’s forum is slightly different. It’s intended for customer support. Roon only provides customer support through this forum. So most of the threads are discussing problems and issues with Roon (perceived or real). There are threads discussing user’s systems that feature a lot more images. But most of the images on the forum are screenshots used to depict system configurations in order to troubleshoot problems.