Why aren't all your friends using Roon?

(Paul) #267

Ah, thanks, makes it clear now.

I do, I love Roon and because it is so good, more or less minor annoyances are magnified.

Not by me, but maybe your post could be buried by a mod :grinning:

Some actions require to many clicks, retrieving info too, a map like this can reduce the amount of clicks to see influences, credits, members etc.

(Andrew Strutt) #268

I think Roon will become a staple in everyone’s home like Colgate and Gillette. It’s still in it’s infancy and has so, so much unrealised potential. I have it hooked up to some cheap gear and it sounds fine. Ive also got it hooked up to some expensive stuff, (for me), and I find it amazing. I’ve got it in the kids rooms and they love it. They’ve got their iPads and playlists/ favourites and are starting to appreciate music other than tat played on commercial radio. It took me a while to get things up and running and I’m still learning but for me it is is the concept and pontential of the product that makes it so special. It has reinvigorated my love of music! I have no doubt the developers are heads down flat out working on improving/simplifying the experience, (anyone looking for a job?), and I understand that it can be frustrating when folk with Roons best interests at heart make very valid suggestions to make things better but don’t get acknowledged, but I am sure they don’t go unnoticed. Here’s one from me…Perhaps there could be different versions, one cheaper basic version for the average listener and another much the same as it is now for those who enjoy tinkering while looking to reach audio nirvana. Either way I think it’s fantastic and am looking forward to the day it goes listed so I can get a piece.

(Paul) #270

Tried to find it in the (Dutch) Appstore, but it’s not available there, unfortunately.

(Anders Vinberg) #271

Absolutely. This type of browsing, following relationships, is the key to browsing and discovering music, just like it is for the internet. Comparatively, I find Genres useless.

We have had some discussions of a visual network browser with @Danny and @Brian, it could potentially be great, but it is not trivial to make it truly useful as opposed to merely flashy. I have experience with building one like this for navigating a data center, took some careful work, but came out great.

(Robert ) #272

I downloaded the app. Thanks for the suggestion. Looks handy.

(Mike O'Neill) #273

It’s like having two dogs , a Maltese to cuddle. A Rottweiler to bite ( I do live in Johannesburg)

I love Roon for info and Tidal but to really find an album JRiver wins every time

I keep both one to cuddle one to bite

If it wasn’t for Tidal I would having (twenty) second thoughts



Today my first friend had contact to my ROCK setup. She didn’t like it – at least the iPhone version. She missed the swipe back gesture a lot and hates that the back button can’t be reached with one hand. She was annoyed by the strange behavior that the app always has to reconnect for some seconds when the iPhone was locked before. Also the loading time for the albums of an artist was to slow for her and she wondered why it was not cached when switching between some artists.

All in all she didn’t understand, why I pay so much money for a slow music player with bad usability and overlapping buttons (German translation).

Well, in my opinion Roon is not really slow, the iOS music player is comparable with a huge library (>40000 tracks), but it doesn’t feel so, because you can’t see how the app is painting the screen.

(Chris ) #275

I would never demo Roon like that as first impressions are so powerful. Originally the iPhone app was an extra (my belief) and for the full experience a tablet or desktop was recommended.
I still think a phone app is an ‘add on’ for the experienced user.
The whole point of Roon to me is the UI and you just wont get it on a phone with such small screen real estate.
Just my POV
That’s a shame.



You must have been shocked by her emotional outburst. I mean you showed her your Roon setup for the very first time and she immediately told you she “hated” it, got “annoyed” by it, complained about “missing” features, the “bad usability” of your system and about how slow everything was. This must’ve hurt – unless, of course, she only told you what you wanted to hear…

None of my friends has ever reacted that way. On the contrary, four of them are subscribers now!

(William Kucharski) #277

I just let my subscription lapse.

If I fire up iTunes or QuickTime player I have the same functionality - I just couldn’t make a mental financial case for interposing another app.

(Henry) #278

I bought an iPad and less than five years later it was pretty much unusable. It cost more than a Roon lifetime subscription. I suppose mental financial cases present all sorts of conundrums.


Anyone who’s ever used the players you mention knows that this isn’t true.

Search options?
Tidal integration?

Maybe you don’t need/want the extras Roon offers, but you can’t deny they’re there!

(Chris ) #280

Clearly you were not using Roon to its full extent sufficiently to warrant continuing with it. That’s ok as Roon will not be for everyone but it’s so much more than a basic music player. If that’s all someone wants and needs, there are plenty of options.


Anybody with his senses in order and in place cant compare Itunes to Roon.
Different planet.


No, I was not shocked. I also don’t like the iOS versions so much as they don’t behave like native Apps. Also the Mac version has strange usability decisions (right-click for selecting instead of context menu, horizontal scrolling …). But I can live with it. I’ve tested Roon very deeply before I’ve paid for it. I’m still missing very basic stuff (per-track genres), but all in all Roon is a good package. Other players like iTunes, JRiver, Kodi or VOX also have it’s oddities. Roon sucks less. It’s like macOS. I hate a lot of stuff in macOS, but in Windows I hate much more. :wink:

Well, I told her why I use Roon/ROCK on a NUC and the point “saving a lot of energy” was very understandable for her. I also asked her for a better solution and she couldn’t name one after I’ve told her that my music doesn’t fit onto my iPhone and that streaming services don’t have many of my artists or may remove artists in the future.

@Chrislayeruk The iPad version is not much better, it also has no back swipe gesture.


I understand William’s decision, as I also don’t use every aspect in Roon and until I bought a NUC for Rock, I used Roon like iTunes on my Mac.


There are good tools to get everything tagged fine (Musicbrainz Picard, Yate …). Roon shines with descriptions and linked names/artists, but as there are big holes in the data sources I also have to call Wikipedia very often, when using Roon. And there are tools like Artistinfo for iTunes to get a lot of more data for the current playing track/artist.

Search options?

The smart playlists are much more flexible/powerful in iTunes than Roon’s focus feature.

Tidal integration?

Apple Music is not that bad.


It depends on your usage, AirPlay or Airfoil can fit many needs.


iTunes has an EQ and if you want upsampling you can use the cheap tool BitPerfect. (William seems to be a Mac user)


Most consumers don’t hear any differences. I even can’t hear differences between Hires FLAC and a downsampled AAc with 192 kbit/s. I ordered the Dragonfly DAC because of this and I’ve returned it because the only improvement was the bright LED light in my room. :wink: Maybe my equipment is not good enough (Abacus C-Box 2 with A-Bass 10 and a Meze 99 Classic headphone), but I don’t want to change my setup. And maybe my ears are to old. :wink:


I haven’t finished my tests there as my Setup is MQA ready for some days. But I think it’s not worth the price for me.


I didn’t criticize anyone’s decision. I pointed out that iTunes and QuickTime do NOT offer the same functionality as Roon, which they undeniably don’t. This has nothing to do with what individual users think they can or can’t hear etc. …


Okay, I misunderstood you. But Roon has a lot of functionalities in common with iTunes: Music player, metadata management, remote music player, multiroom …)


For me music is not only about the functionalities, it is also about the presentation.
And in that area Roon is the best I have seen so far :sunny:

(William Kucharski) #288

iTunes has metadata as all I want is cover art, and search works as well. I don’t need to see what a reviewer thought of something, because if I have it, I already bought it.

I don’t stream using Tidal. In fact, I don’t stream music from the Internet, period (aside from a few radio stations I listen to), I buy physical media. My only use for iTunes/Roon is access to a library I have ripped from my own discs.

I don’t modify sound using DSP at all. No EQ.

The only DSD I have is on physical SACDs, not files.

I don’t own any MQA files or discs.

Basically my library is all Red Book in ALAC ripped from CDs, with a handful of ALAC files purchased from HD Tracks.

The biggest advantage Roon brought was not having to manually change the sample rate on my Mac when playing a high res song.