Why buy a "raat device"?

I’ve got to head off now (Gym beckons !). Just to be clear. I’m not a Roon employee. I’m a volunteer moderator and user, like you. The most I can do is to draw @support’s attention to the problem and I will do that. I hope it hasn’t been a wholly useless conversation.

No problem , Man. !!

The problem remaines , why can i play all tidal hifi without interruption for days but still , still , still, can’t play a Masters AT ALL ?

Apparently it’s not the MQA specifically but 24bit/48kHz material. Have you tried other high res material (24/96)?

Did you check the audio device settings in Roon? My skipping problems vanished when I increased the ‘resync delay’. Defaults to 0, I put it at 1s.

Set resync from everywhere between min and max. No help. Can play local 24/96. And upto 24/192 with no problem.

I feel compelled to apologize to any one on this thread as I did to Eric from Roon in our email exchange, who I wasted their time in trying to help me. But, I would like to explaine.
If anyone read my earliest posts, my internet provider is a wisp whose tower is located on my property. The arrangement with wisp and previous owner of my house was to provide free internet. When I had trouble playing masters I called the wisp man and he assured me I was getting their maximum Mbps. Thereafter, I started wrongly blaming Roon. I downloaded a sped tester app and was not getting the results I expected. I called wisp man and his response was like " no you’re getting our max. Didn’t we tak about this last time. Let me look. (Click click click on his computer). Oh. Um. Errr. Here try it now"

Boom !! I’m in masters through Roon heaven !!! Once again I apologize. I know I got a little tight in the panties at times and that is not my character. But you know how it is “your not yourself when you don’t have you’re music!”

Thanks again to Eric and all of Roon and to anyone who wasted time listening to my misplaced rants. All of you are so much better character than wisp man!