Why can't i find a track via search?

I have tried multiple ways.
name of song
date of performance
exact track name
Album is a mix of tracks from different performances.
when searching for that album found tracks are incomplete
on a related level if i search for a song…say 'Sand" Roon will display 30 versions (i have over 60)
Why does the search function seem incomplete?
Is there better way to search?

Yes, if you are searching your own library. Start on the tracks page and use the filter option under the field, in this case Track Title, just type in part of the song title and then see what you get.

That’s good advice
I’ll try it
Thank u

that might be a workaround.
but i expect from a search function to find every match…
had also troubles in the past with the search function.

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Its not very precise and can be frustrating at times.

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Troubles with incomplete search results are often linked to the library/non-library issue. See: Solve the library/non-library conundrum and all the complexities it creates for tagging, focus, playlists etc (I am afraid it is a bit technical)