Why Can't Roon See My Preamp [Resolved, USB drivers]

Been using Roon with an Audiophilleo USB S/PDIF converter into a DAC, because the DAC does not have a USB input. I’ve now removed the Audiophilleo and the DAC from the chain and am feeding Roon directly to a new preamp with USB input. Problem is, Roon cannot see the pre-amp as a device attached to the PC. What am I doing wrong?.

What preamp is it? What computer is it connected to? Have you installled the necessary USB drivers on your computer?

Is the pre-amp on and the input switch turned to the USB input ? Roon (and all other software) only see USB connections when they are active.

Thanks Phil and Andrew. Its a high end MacIntosh preamp and I’ve now obtained and downloaded the correct USB audio driver. All is well now. Thanks again.

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Good to hear you’ve got it working Reg. Nice bit of gear that.

Yep, its the C50 and its darned good. Was using the McIntosh C46 preamp (no USB) and MDA100 DAC (no USB) before. The workaround was the Audiopilleo USB S/PDIF converter. Always suspected the converter was interfering with the sound somehow as Roon sounded nowhere near as good as what I was getting from the CD player going through the same DAC and preamp. Anyway, cut the converter out of the chain by replacing the MDA1000 and C46 preamp with the C50 which does have a 32/192 USB socket.

The results have been outstanding and I can now say that Roon gives my McIntosh MCD301 CD player real competition - at least with some types of music

Hi! Could you help me?
I have a Mcintosh C50 Preamp too, and connects with mac min, I can see the device on Roon, but there is no signal C50 received, so, I can’t hear music on my stereo system. Could you let me know why and how?
Need install a USB driver? What’s the best driver if need?