Why did I get a Sonic Build Pi and a Schitt Modi? [Trying to set up Roon Core on laptop with Schiit Modi DAC?]

I bought this a couple of years ago. I attempted to use it with ROON with the core on a PC. I controlled it on an iPad. It did not work so I stopped. I then was told to add a Schitt Modi. I am attempting to add the core to a PC laptop. I have Yamaha cx-a5100 integrated amp.

I am lost

This is one of the more confusing questions I have read :slight_smile: Can you clarify a bit? Does the Sonic Build Pi have anything to do with your current question? (Seems not because you stopped using it)

It looks like Sonic Pi is some sort of Synth based on Raspberry Pi?

The simplest thing to get you listening to music with Roon is to leave that out for now.
Once you have Roon running on your PC (and we can help with that) connect the Modi to the PC via USB and to the Amp via RCA cables.
Go to Roon Settings > Audio and Enable the Modi. And you’re good to go.

Raspberry Pi’s can be setup as a “Roon Ready Endpoint” aka a Streamer or Bridge.
This would connect to your Network and then to the Modi.
This allows you to use Roon without the Modi being tethered to the core via USB.
So for example you wouldn’t need to have the PC in your listening room.
Some would argue this also improves sound quality.

To do this you need to load an operating system such as


on the Raspberry Pi.

But whether your Pi is able to do this I don’t know.
Hopefully someone with more familiarity with Sonic Pi will chime in.

Thank You. I apologize for the vague question. everything you said makes sense. I will need help to set up ROON, I’m only going for one room until I understand it better.

I was just about read to get a Bluesound Node to run Roon . I liked the fact could stream other services,

I bought the unit to run Roon but it failed to operate. I do not understand Roon and decided to try again. I keep getting subscriptions and cannot use it…

You can still use your Raspberry Pi as a Roon bridge, but you’ll have to load Ropieee or another OS that incorporates the Roon bridge software. That will likely eliminate the ability to use the Sonic Pi software. I agree with Placebophile, just connect your Modi to the USB port on your PC or whatever you decide to use for a Roon core and you should be good to go.

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You’re on the right track: Get the basics working first and explore streamers like BlueSound or Pi later.
David made a good point: If your Pi set up to run ropieee it will no longer function as a Sonic Pi so beware. But skip all that for now.

Here’s the info for setting up Roon:

Let us know where you’re at with this and any issues you’re facing or questions and we’ll go from there.

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@Placebophile I am bit overwhelmed with the kindness I am receiving. I decided to get another subscription. Thank you.


Thank you @Jim_F for the information. I watched Everything you need to know about the Roon Music Player YouTube stream from yesterday. There is a lot of information. I came away with many options for a setup.

I was most intrigued by the Nucleus.

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