Why did my Tidal Music Videos disppear? [Answered]

I’m just getting familiar with Roon and found music vids on my Tidal subscription link so I built a couple of video playlists for parties. Worked perfect last weekend - now suddenly no Tidal video menus appear on Roon. My Tidal video playlists are there but when I access them via Roon all I receive is the audio portion.

When I go direct to Tidal I can play music videos but not via Roon - what happened?

[quote=“Kenneth_Suelzle, post:1, topic:30681”]
now suddenly no Tidal video menus appear on Roon
Roon has never supported playing video. Are you confusing Roon with some other app?

Thanks, you’re right, I was confused.

I’m new to both Tidal and Roon and am just getting up to speed.

I had been playing videos in Tidal, not Roon…