Why do I have classical composers also as performers?


It’s an EMI Recording of Mutter and Weissenberg performing the Brahms Violin Sonatas. You already see Johannes on the screen :):

Thanks. I thought it was that one. Raw meta is from MusicBrainz and the album artist string does indeed contain Brahms.

That’s not a problem per se, but I’m curious to know exactly where in the user interface Brahms appears as a performer.

You can see the Performer button on the artist page in the first posting. Or do you mean something else?

Ah, I’m with you. What I want to know is which specific credit is turning Brahms into a “Performer”.

Oh wait, is it “just” the album artist?

Okay, I’ve answered my own question here. The problem is the MusicBrainz recommended album artist string. I already have a ticket to cover this.


it seems to be the album artist. I have manually removed it here:

this did the trick.

Yup, got it, thanks!

Please note, Brahms can genuinely be a performer. There is at least one recording of his playing. Same goes for Debussy, Ravel. But of people so firmly rooted in the 19th C Brahms is rather exceptional in this regard.

yes he can be - but not in the context of this album :wink:

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next “issue”

Dear Gustav shows up as a performer on Neumanns Mahler set as “Production”. Again Mahler could be a performer, but not on this album.


That’s designed behaviour. It’s a compromise which I hope can be revised.

Any sweeping change to “ban” composers from being album artists would take the date of the first recording technology into account (so Brahms and Mahler would not fall into any automated ban). Handling this kind of thing automatically when we only have the MusicBrainz metadata to go off is extremely tricky. Which is why being able to edit the album artist(s) is so important.

I do understand that it may be tricky to prevent hese things from happening, but I’d like to have the freedom to remove the production credit. How can I manually remove this?


I think you just need to edit the album credits, and remove Gustav from the credits?

Edit: ah, scratch this - I tried removing a production credit - and it doesn’t seem to work. Whether this is a bug, or by design, I can’t say…

yeah - I found it in the meantime. But it’s tricky to understand that you need to go to the track browser first. I thought this was possible from the album page.


It’s from the Album page that I tried editing the credits - are you saying that it is possible to remove the production credit from the track, but not from the album? That smells like a bug to me.

batch editing credits in Album view would be a godsend indeed

don’t know - I didn’t manage to select all tracks of my 11 CD set on the album page in the first place…therefore I could not edit any credits at all…

Indeed - removing production credits from an album has no effect. You have to first select all the tracks in the album, and then remove the production credits using the batch editing of tracks. I’ll raise this as a separate topic.

trying to clean up the composer/performer mess based on credits by Roon metadata:

Liner notes by JSB? Are you kidding me??? This gets rather frustrating identifiying the “sources” for those composers showig up as performers in cases when it’s not my fault (like via the ARTIST tag).