Why do my favourites disappear on reboot and why can't I play an album lineraly like vinyl?

We are really enjoying Roon but I maybe because I’m an Ozzie contemporary (in more ways than one) I’m so confused.

It took me 30 minutes trying to figure out how to even post a question here.

So, I “favourite” tracks, artists, albums in my own library (don’t even get started on Tidal), yet when I shut down my PC (just using one device to manage and play at this point) all my favourites have disappeared on reboot.

How do I get them to stick?

Also, why only “shuffle” or “radio” options on my own library?

Just like vinyl you have to pick the album, put it on the deck and drop the needle.

In Roon, open the album and press PLAY from there.
You have options for now, next or add to queue.

They are the options for Artist. There are other Play options for Album, Track etc. You can configure which option appears as the one touch button in Settings.

The Roon Knowledge Base will help reduce the learning curve, particularly the User Guide.

Thanks for the comments about playing an album from the album selection - makes perfect sense.

But any tips as to why my favourites disappear when I reboot my PC? I’ve searched the topic here and reviewed the User Guide and don’t see an answer.

Do you have more than one profile ?

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