Why do topics marked as 'muted' still show in list?

I believe a setting is misconfigured in the forum software Discourse. When I mark a topic ‘muted’ it still appears in the list of topics. I believe it should be hidden from view.

Works for me as expected (Firefox on Windows and Linux; Android browsers).

I’ve tried in both Safari and Chrome on MacOS. Both report topic is ‘muted’ but it still shows up in the list of topics.

I believe the forum settings are only muting notifications but not removing them from the list.

Do you not see muted topics in the list any longer at all?

They aren’t shown in latest lists as described.


Unfortunately, they do for me. I marked ‘Where are improvements to sound quality?’ a couple days ago, yet it still shows up in Latest. I frequent another forum that uses Discourse and ‘Muted’ make the topic go away…

No, this looks like categories overview and not latest.

Please notice the red indicator Categories.

Well, so it is. I don’t care for Latest view but perhaps I’ll give a try.