Why Does BluOS supports Neil Young, Amazon HD streaming, - and Roon does not?

I am curious about why BluOS seems to lead in support for the latest Internet Streaming services while Roon lags behind?

I am a lifetime subscriber so I am all in with Roon but things seem to move at a glacial pace?

Roon currently supports exactly two Streaming Services - Tidal and Qubuz.

BluOS supports Amazon HD, Neil Young Archives, Spotify and a whole bunch more:

Is there a technical reason for this or is it a philosophical difference? I am at a loss for why this is so?


Technical. BluOS just uses and implements the generic APIs of those respective services. Roon needs different and specialized interactive data from those services, to provide the integrated in-depth Roon experience. Some, like Spotify and Amazon are not interested in teaming with Roon.

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Okay, why can’t Roon create a second tier to allow for generic streaming support and a higher tier (e.g. Tidal, Qobuz) for the more integrated approach. It would seem waiting for services to accede to Roon’s stringent requirements is a classic “Waiting for Godot”?


The service is only available in the USA and Canada. As far as I know.

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Because that’s not the market they are in. Why don’t Bentley make city run around?


But Audi make the A1 all the way up to the R8 and have a large customer base , which ensures its success is not reliant on a small customer base.


Hardly the same really considering a car costs £20000+

Name on bit of software that actually does this. They may limit features on tiers but no the overall operation. The reason for Roons existence is to stand out from the hers. If it didn’t it’s just another Audivarna etc.

Yes but it’s usually the bespoke small car manufacturers that go bust, not the Audi and fords of the world

I see Williams F1 is up for sale.

Providing more access to more services may provide more success.

For me I prefer Apple Music for its playlists but also have Qobuz for higher Rez.

However Roon does not support AM, so Roon will get dropped at the end of its year subscription.

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Two separate goals.

If your goal is deep 3rd party streaming service integration BlueOS and Sonos are the right solution.

From Roon’s website:
“Roon looks at your music and finds photos, bios, reviews, lyrics, and concert dates, and makes connections between artists, composers, performers, conductors, and producers.”

Simply adding services without catalog integration doesn’t meet Roon’s goal. Too many engineers (me included) on this forum who only ever look at the technical hurdles to adding services. Roon, and rightfully so, won’t add a service if they cannot tie it directly into their “solution” which sits at the core philosophy of why Roon exists.


Not many things do due to Apples walled garden approach.

I wasn’t aware that Roon’s so called “mission” had been spelled out anywhere besides what has been posted here. The reality is that there are the big streamers and then there is eveybody else. Tidal and Qobuz are probably near the bottom of the rung in terms of subscribers. Reports come and go about their viability. If they disappeared what is the option for Roon? It would seem having a wider number of choices would be a buffer against some kind of shakeout. I for one am a big fan of Bancamp.com but Roon so far has not seen fit to try to incorporate? Is Bandcamp really not willing to work with Roon?

I wish Roon would figure out how to widen their horizon. I fear they may be too much of niche player?


No idea about Bandcamp. They have not officially made any comments.

Checkout soundiiz.com to transfer playlists from Apple Music (or many others) to many others…including Tidal and Qobuz.

I use it every couple of weeks to ‘convert’ a Spotify playlist I like to Tidal and/or Qobuz using the freely available conversion.


And it would just become another Sonos or Bluesound. Blusounds interface is an utter mess. Not one unified way of searching or managing material. Some services we just a joke , Amazon’s for one on Bluesound is dire as is Qobuz. This is what happend when you have ■■■■ APIs

The reason for using Qobuz and Tidal is that they offer cd quality and offer decent API’s and allow for mor integrated approach. Spotify only allow Spotify connect and their own app period so this will never happen noone can use 3rd part software to access it if it’s commercial, others that are free cab get away with it.

Amazon clearly don’t care for dabbling with small companies and are only interested in getting it in large device manufactures that have a large base so they can get users into the Amazon echo system

Roon have been in talks with Deezer and others but obviously this takes time and a two way street.

Apple music is pretty much locked down to Apple with a few exceptions again to keep users in the Apple eco system.

The other smaller ones don’t necessarily have the resources to allow Roons level of integration or have no decent API’s and no market reach.

Just look at Bluesound app and it how it works across it’s myriad of services it truly is a thing of nightmares. Sonos is better but the lack of any managed library between them becomes so disjointed.

Roon is not Sonos, Bluesounds, AudiVarna, Plex it’s Roon with its own unique system.


For those that claim an extended palette of streaming sources is not in Roon’s wheelhouse, how do you explain the addition of streaming radio in recent times? There is no explicit integration with metadata as some say is required. It’s just a URL and a stream. Seems to me this should not be allowed according to the Roon Druids? The addition of streaming radio is an example of creating a second tier of streaming integration.

? Recent. Radio Streams have been in Roon for years. They recently expanded functionality by adding an inventory list for people to choose from in addition to just being able to enter the stream url.

Disagree. Radio is completely different that a streaming service. With a streaming service you expect the ability to search for songs, extended meta-data, and of course being able to sequence your own playlist. None of which is Radio.


I don’t think anyone is claiming things they are just playing back what roon have said in multiple threads on the status of their relationship with the various services. Deezer is the only one in active negotiation as far as roon have said. All the other majors are covered above.
Search the forum yourself for the detail.

Haha! If you want to go for the masses, go to Apple Music or Amazon or Spotify whatever else.

This is for quality aware audophiles.

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What a condescending and unhelpful response. I already stated that I am a lifetime Roon member. I was an audiophile while you were still in diapers. I have over 8,000 CDs and downloads ripped to my NAS in full fidelity FLAC files. I have been streaming audio in my house in bit perfect form from a Squeezebox LMS server (now Roon) since 2005. I built my first amplifier (Hafler DW-220) back in the 1980’s. Attitudes like yours will doom Roon’s future.

I simply want to make Roon better, more robust, and hopefully long lived. Pointing out what I think are shortcomings is not unreasonable from a lifetime subscriber.