Why does Genesis appear as "Go Find"

all my Genesis albums appear indicating “Go Find” as the artist :unamused:

Allmusic seems to have the same glitch


Any idea why?


Hi Klaus,

It’s a glitch at Rovi/AllMusic. @joel has reported it to them.

Duke was the last Genesis album that I liked. Still enjoy listening to it.

Hi Andrew,

thanks a lot for taking care of it :slight_smile:


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Hi Klaus,

Thanks for mentioning.
I never noticed it before, but now that I know I fixed it locally in my database (Rovi updates take time).

You can do this by opening Genesis from the Artist browser, select Edit, select the Edit checkbox under Name and enter ‘Genesis’. After pressing Save all should be fine.

Thanks @andybob. It was a mistake by TiVo (as they are now called!) which has been rectified. Note that it could take up to a week for your albums to pick up this correction (though non-library TIDAL albums will pick it up sooner).


Hi Jan,

thanks for the tip. Did as you described and all looks good now.