Why does Qobuz (Roon Radio) play their version of a song, when that same album is already in my library?

For whatever reason, I think my Library rips sound better than Qobuz. But when Roon Radio kicks in, why does Qobuz use their Albums when my library already has it? Just curious…

Same question here related to Tidal [I don’t have Quobuz in Canada] Roon Radio appears to choose the Tidal version even when I have a much higher resolution version in my own library. Is there a setting?

Hey Norm,

I hope we find an answer to this…Do you think your rips sound better than Tidal (resolution being equal)?


I’m generally satisfied with Tidal. But when Roon chooses CD quality over a DSD or 352 KHz MQA album that I’ve bought – the difference is annoying


from a previous thread

and one a bit more in depth on equivalence

I wish there was a switch that stop ALL MP3’s!!! The way that Qobuz and Tidal brag about their High Res…MP3’s should be damn near illegal!

Don’t see much mp3 on Tidal

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I’ve experienced the same issue (Roon Radio grabs a Qobuz version of a song that resides locally on my server in an equal/better quality). Another issue I’ve experienced with Roon Radio and Qobuz is it doesn’t grab songs locally on my server despite that exact song being local (ever so far and I listen to Roon constantly throughout the week). One would think Qobuz would benefit from the lower network overhead of their users who also use Roon to stream locally first over doing Qobuz everytime when doing Roon Radio.

This behavior also messes with my MO of having Roon Radio bounce around my local library (while working) and adding to my playlists. I’ve been disabling Qobuz within Roon until I need it lately (for streaming outside of the LAN with my imported Roon playlists and when I want to listen to something that I don’t already own).

Is there a better option to force Roon to pick a local track over streaming it off the web during Roon Radio and also pick local tracks over Qobuz at a varying rate (would be cool to pick maybe 50/50, 80/20, etc. split between using Qobuz or local music to build a Roon Radio queue).

This whole world seems to rotate around MARKETING$$$$$!!! NO Matter where you go, visit, support or even browse…it never $hut$ off and the greedy wheels keep spinning!

What’s odd about Roon’s behavior is when Roon Radio grabs a Qobuz song that exists locally in like/better audio quality, most users don’t know it. I explained this to a friend of mine who uses Roon regularly and had no clue Roon Radio was circumventing his local collection until I pointed out the Qobuz symbol on songs in his queue. 100% of my Roon Radio songs are Qobuz whenever Qobuz is enabled so I keep it disabled until I need it. Seems like a programming misstep over a cash grab to me.

Edit: actually I can see the money being made here by Roon Radio advertising songs through Qobuz for us to buy. Man… pretty lame on Roon’s part if that’s true. A big reason I use Roon is to discover music in my local collection (add to playlists and tag along the way) which Roon Radio does not do if Qobuz is enabled.


I could not agree with you more! I always want to hear my collection instead of the same selection from ANY other source!

I wish I could believe the “Programming misstep” but I don’t believe that to be true… Especially when it can be auto-programmed to do using Qobuz instead of your own library!

See how radio does with build 903 (released just now). We made some pretty significant changes here which should significantly increase the number of hits on your local library


Thanks, Andrew. I’ll give it a go.

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@AMP I installed 903 on my core and remote. Roon Radio is still grabbing tracks that exist in my local library at like/better audio quality off of Qobuz inexplicably and also playing nearly half of the tracks from Qobuz so far (9 out of 19 were Qobuz). An improvement, as before, Roon Radio played 100% from Qobuz (for me at least). My music collection for the genre Roon Radio is playing off is north of 6,000 tracks with over 48k total tracks in my local library that are almost all bit perfect FLAC rips of audio CDs via EAC. Roon Radio has plenty to choose from locally so don’t know why it chooses to go to Qobuz as often and ignore duplicate tracks that reside in my local library.

Where do I adjust, if applicable, how often Roon Radio grabs from my local library versus Qobuz? An option to restrict Roon Radio from grabbing the same track I already have in my local library and adjust the ratio of Qobuz versus my local library being used for Roon Radio (maybe 10% Qobuz and 90% my local library) would be used by me over disabling Qobuz altogether during Roon Radio sessions.

As it stands, I’ll continue to disable Qobuz if this is the intended behavior of Roon Radio with Qobuz integration. I’m happy to be a guinea pig if more testing/tweaking is needed for a better outcome here. Currently, to be frank, it seems more like a hijack by Qobuz instead of measured integration within Roon.

I installed 903 as well and don’t see any changes in Roon Radio. It’s still biased towards streaming. I have yet to see Radio play a track from my library, even though it has already played at least 10 tracks I own.

For those interested, I just came across this post below. Now I can use Qobuz at will without disabling it and overwhelming my Roon Radio plays! I’d still like to see an option to allow Qobuz to participate in Roon Radio, but maybe only 10% of the time (1 out of 10 tracks are streamed as opposed to pulled from my local library).

Hi @Neil_Dielman,

There’s not currently a feature to set a ratio of streaming vs local library. That’s a feature that’s been requesting that being tracked. However, when using radio you can tell Roon to only select from your library.


Ah, I see you beat me to it, Neil! :joy:

Glad to see it posted regardless! :smile: Maybe it’ll help another Roon user who likes to use Qobuz at will without having to mess with disabling it under services to keep it at bay during Roon Radio. A slider to adjust how often streaming services like Tidal/Qobuz participate in Roon Radio would be pretty nifty though. Streaming outside the LAN is way more important though so don’t let this distract the devs! :wink:

Edit: Oh and one thing - that feature to limit Roon Radio to a library only shows up if Qobuz is enabled. I had mine disabled at first so didn’t see it until the “duh!” moment settled in.

Thanks @Neil_Dielman, I should clarify that when this feature is toggled on it will pull from content in your library. That would include any streaming favorites you have added to your library.

I thought I should mention that, since it seems you’re preferring to only hear your local library in some cases.