Why does Roon forget the core IP address every time my phone, Windows PC or iPad goes to sleep?

I run Roon Rock with a fixed IP on an Ethernet network. Whenever I start Roon again after any device as gone to sleep or been shut off or closed its screen, I get a message saying the endpoint device is looking for the core. It usually only lasts a few seconds but you’d think Roon could just keep the IP address handy and not have to search every time.

Is there a fix for that, or is it just a feature? I’m otherwise a totally satisfied lifetime subscriber.

I think this is pretty much standard behaviour. I’m running Roon Server on a Mac mini M1. I also run the Roon app on the same machine (so same IP address) and also get the looking for the core message.

I think this is pretty much down to the speed of your server and network. SFF computers aren’t super fast, so there may be a slight delay on discovery. I never have this issue with a rack mount server, but then my electricity bill is eye watering!

It’s not forgetting the server if it’s on a phone or tablet these devices are very aggressive at app managing resources to increase battery life. If an app consumes too many resources when in the background then it wil be power managed which often leads to network disconnection and memory management and force closing them. When restored to foreground Roon is then having to re-establish connection. Roon is quite a resource hog so it’s best to turn off as much of the battery optimisations as you can on Android to keep it alive. iOS devices are even more aggressive with memory management and often will close it if memory is needed for other apps.