Why does the only radio station I care to hear not work on Roon?

Roon Core Machine

98.7 in Phoenix. I use the same the URL that works fine on my mac air.
I have london, berlin, local KBAQ but no KMVP

This is the URL that works fine on the laptop.

So where am I going wrong?


Hello @jeff_kalina , you should see Arizona Sports Radio in the database. Use the magnifying glass to find it. US users only.

(The Tunein URL uses a form that currently causes Roon problems)

Brian, I see this added to the list but the steams were showing as not published. It was also not showing up in a search of Roon. I went ahead and published the steams and they now show up.

@jeff_kalina I just tested the steam and it works now. Give it a try and let us know if it works for you.

Something odd there. The station originally had two streams in the database. One of the streams is a .pls format and contains a number of sub streams. One of those used to be the other published one for the station, but it no longer is and doesn’t work.

I hid that one last night (there’s not usually any advantage in publishing a sub stream of a .pls stream) but left the .pls alone (I thought). So only one stream (the .pls) should show (and for US users only).

I must have had a brainfade and hidden both. Apologies

I’ve now deleted the bad stream.

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Good job. Station now works as it should.
Thank you!

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