Why Duplicate MQA albums at same bit rate?

Is this example an anomaly?

I recently searched for Chet Baker’s “Baker’s Holiday” album on Roon. Five albums with the identical art work appear under Tidal albums. Fine.

One is listed as a CD. Another has no designation; CD, MQA or otherwise. Three are listed as MQA. I’m accustomed to two such listings; one at 96 kHz and another at 192 kHz. But why two separate listings both of which state: “FLAC 48 kHz 24 bit, MQA 192 kHz?”

Also I have read (most recently in The Absolute Sound’s most recent review of Roon in the September 2018 issue) that Roon allows us to sort our collections by albums that are MQA encoded. But I see no easy way to do this. To obtain such a list of the albums in my collection, must I tag each MQA album individually myself?

Hi @Geoff_Mirelowitz,

Roon tracks MQA as a format (so no need to manually tag), you can filter by it using the Focus tool in Roon.

As for different MQA source rates … it is surprising but I guess it’s possible they are from different masters.

Thanks Carl. I see now how I can use Focus to get to other MQA albums. But there is no way to make that my first choice when I choose Focus, is there.

In other words I have to click on Focus and then work through the Focus menu to get to the MQA choices, each time I want to get to other MQA albums?

You could Focus search once and then tag them.

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Would it not be better to bookmark a saved focus?

Then it’s dynamic and does not require maintenance when other MQA albums are added.

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Or do what Carl says above as much better idea than mine :slight_smile:


For those like me who don’t know how to do that, could you offer a step-by-step instruction?

Sure, check out the Roon Knowledge Base specifically FAQ: How do I create a smart playlist? How do I save a Focus?

This is what focusing on MQA format looks like:

Then just add a bookmark, to save it.


Thank you!

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