Why grouping of iMac and Apple TV is not possible?

(Richard Bailey) #1

Am I right that it’s not possible to group these? Why is that when iTunes can do it?

(Andrew Cox) #2

Zones can only be grouped in Roon if they are of the same type. The Roon Output Zone on an iMac running Roon is a RAAT Zone. An Apple TV is an AirPlay Zone.

iTunes uses AirPlay throughout.

(Richard Bailey) #3

Is there some kind of work around be creating a second zone for the iMac set to Airplay?
Under Connected to this Mac I have my USB DAC as a seperate device that could be enabled. Could I make that the core and then make the mac system output an airplay device?

(Andrew Cox) #4

This KB page sets out the Roon Architecture, explaining what Core, Control and Output do. The Core does the heavy lifting and needs to be on a computer.

This KB page sets out more information about Zones.

I don’t know enough about Macs to say whether you can configure a Roon Output as an AirPlay Zone. I’ll shift the thread to the AirPlay section and see if anyone knows.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #5

@Richard_Bailey: You can install software like AirServer on your Mac – this will turn your iMac into an AirPlay receiver and make it visible as an AirPlay zone in Roon (Gaylord is my MacBook Pro - don’t ask ;-)):

Once enabled, you can group the AirServer/iMac zone with your Apple TV (you may want to disable the Roon/RAAT zone for the iMac to avoid confusion – or name it differently, say ‘iMac-Roon’ and ‘iMac-Airplay’).

Not sure how well the AirServer zone performs when grouped with your ATV over Airplay, but I guess you will be fine. AirServer has a 14 day trial for you to find out. :slight_smile:

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