Why I can not use ASIO for DirectStream DAC in Roon?

I connect my windows 10 PC to the DirectStream DAC using USB.

ASIO Driver has been installed, see the image below :grinning:

And I can use ASIO output in foobar2000

But when I use Roon, it can only find a WSAPI device:

I can enable it

But without ASIO, the maxium sample is 192k and dsd64(DoP) not 358k and dsd128.

How can using ASIO in Roon?

I found description in Roon’s “Audio On Windows” section, it mentioned the UI as follow, But I can find it.


I can only check a workaround check box int device setting as follow :grinning:

With this I can select 384khz and DSD128, I play 358khz PCM well, but when I play DSD64 or DSD128, there is no sound, and the DAC’s UI display it’s PCM 358K.

Anyone had solved similar problem?

Hi Jason,

I’m using ASIO device driver on ROON with my EMMlabs Dac. So yes it does work.