Why I'm quitting Roon after 4 months of use

I guess that’s gonna the last 10 subscription days for me left with Roon.
Even though I like a lot of the cool stuff it can do. The UX, UI, constant bugs, slowdowns etc and it’s only getting worse. While we get new features like VALENCE which made my library much worse than It was before that Both in terms of context and performance. Everything is getting slower and slower, buggier and buggier. Search is a joke as it was. Recommendations as well. I can’t mix Qobuz and Tidal because It forces me to manually group thousands of albums. Radio is slow 99% of times.
Non existent support with DNS change as the main and only way to fix stuff is ridiculous. Why every other app works lighting fast on my network but Roon? I can stream 50G 4k movies from Plex, listen to music and my gf can watch Netflix etc at the same time without ANY latency problems(I have QoS setup properly and a powerful router with everything important wired). But Roon can’t handle to update album covers, or just add an album to a local (SSD) library. And that’s considering it runs locally with a gigabit link on a Mac that exclusively serves Roon.

So I’d better sacrifice in SQ and just listen to tidal connect MQA, or Qobuz with its own quirks, than in the experience itself of listening to and looking for music. It’s not worth it to pay for Qobuz+Roon with that experience. A product like that must be BETTER than mass market stuff, not worse.
I would be happy to use it again, but unless the core functionality works fine I don’t see how that project can grow and evolve.

I hope some day we’re get proper native apps that just work at least as smooth as any other music streaming app.
Good luck and I wish it really happens.


No one has a properly set QoS because this technology is obsolete and only required on very weak internet connections. Please disable QoS and give Roon a a second chance.

QoS is most definitely not obsolete and has nothing to do with weak internet connections. It is not honoured over the internet so it is redundant in that sense, it is absolutely critical across a corporate LAN or WAN for voice or video.

It is a waste of time on home networks though.


Some fixed wireless ISP run QoS and without it no internet. My issue is more about the inability to run it in the taskbar and leave it as an open active window…which consumes 2x the ram in a system. Might actually be contributing to the OP. I run plex too and have no issues. I don’t have issues with this but I can see how it can effect some users with more basic hardware running other stuff. For the price of this, not acceptable.

I tend to agree as I come to the end of my $1 deal.

The UI looks spread out and the spacing is wrong, has areas like Roon Playlist that just don’t apply to my musical tastes, I’d expect a premium service to deliver greater selections based on my whole library data.

Roon on an M1 Mac mini takes a short while to load but you can see it building the sections and you have to wait for this to complete, however the Tidal app is more or less instant and in the main relates to my taste.

Live radio, cuts out although reported no feedback has come back from Roon, other than a request for logs, even if they acknowledged them and indicated they have them and are reviewing but nothing.

Apple Magic keyboard, this was around last time I used Roon but no progress or acknowledgment from Roon, its a bit of a show stopper for me, its a basic IOS function.

I was really looking forward to using Roon as a single interface for everything music but the Live Radio issues prevent this as its what we tend to use during the day.

I have a good internet connection, Only 2 of my Sonos speakers are wireless, but, Tidal connect works seamlessly, Sonos works seamlessly, Audible works seamlessly,
Roon which should, fails in areas which make it hard to to justify when free apps deliver better recommended content and just work.

If Roon can resolve the issues I’d commit, but at this stage Sonos and Tidal Connect are just delivering even though it means using 2 apps.


You can please some of the people all of the time………….etc


Yeah, that’s kinda what I’m talking about here. It’s always something else and not Roon itself.
I’m not gonna argue. I work professionally with network software many years. I have powerful hardware. Everything except iOS clients is wired. So I’m 100% sure my network is more than capable enough.
If you want to see how QoS could be useful at home. Test your bufferbloat (Speed test - how fast is your internet? | DSLReports, ISP Information) , try to start a video call and run a couple of downloads/speedtests/etc on another devices. Or try to play some FPS game and do the same. And see how even one speedtest running in parallel ruins your latency with bufferbloat and 100% utilization of the link. For QoS to work properly you need the right kind of QoS and powerful enough router for your link speed. But anyway, I did try to run Roon without QoS, as well as with different routers, even different ISPs. I’ve put in some time to test and eliminate all possible bottlenecks in my environment. The results were the same. What many people miss is the fact that Roon is not supposed to be a network hog at all. That’s just an easy excuse for a poorly optimized software. It couldn’t be that everyone’s network is good for everything else but Roon.
For me network-wise Roon runs ± fine most of the time. The problem is that it’s volatile and gets slower overtime. I casually have to clean caches and reboot both server and clients at least once per week.

And anyway, most of my main problems with Roon are not even network related. It’s database quirks, missing albums, duplicates, Tidal/Qobuz integrations, laggy client apps. All of the things people report here for years.
But don’t get me wrong, It’s not a hate post. I like Roon a lot when it works and I hope it’s gonna get better.