Why is "Adele - Easy on Me" not available in Roon when it is in Tidal?

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I can’t seem to find the Adele new single in Roon or any of my synced playlists but it visible in Tidal.

Hello Ayan, Welcome to Roon. I’m just a user but hoping I can help shed some light on your question.
There is a lag between what the services offer, Tidal, Qobuz and what Roon displays because of an API lag. Roon will not get the new releases pushed to them directly but have to wait for the services to populate, then Roon can pull the data from them.
This process has a slight delay (few days at most usually).


Thanks Paul! Ok I see that makes sense I guess, I will just have to wait a couple of days then.

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With one trick, it should work right away. Go to the music service, listen to it, heart it and switch to Roon and manually synchronize services under settings.

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I would have bet my mortgage that someone would post this very thread today. Is there any way of making the syncing delay clear to Roon users to prevent these repeated posts?


Even if you made it a topic “sticky” I bet 90% of people still would not stop to read it before posting…


I am using Tidal to stream via Roon.
When will Adele’s new release “Easy on Me” be available in Roon library? - it was released the overnight from Thursday to Friday on Tidal.

It got me wonder… I would have thought you updated the catalogue continuously… apparently not… how often do you sync?

Why are there always so many questions that have already found an answer?

Why is the community betting that it will happen again?

Why does everyone remain so friendly anyway?

We are united by a love of music and we would like to find that music faster together. A lot of reading and learning helps.

These couple of posts may be useful


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