Why is ARC so slow to sync

Finding ARC is getting slower and slower at syncing updates from my core this is even at home on Wi-Fi. Anyone else notice this?

I was experimenting yesterday - while watching the download rate to my iPhone on my router software. What I saw was:

  1. Downloading seemed to stop when the iPhone screen locked and ARC wasn’t playing.

  2. With ARC playing - downloading continued

  3. With ARC playing - but another app in the foreground - the download speed doubled

With this I managed to download half a dozen albums without issue - which was NOT my previous experience.

slower yes, slower and slower no. It was always the same. And ARC on my old Samsung it is always freezing after the update. I leave home, open arc, play about 12 minutes and suddenly no more audio. This way I know ARC has the updated database. Open ARC and play for the rest of the day.