Why is context menu disabled in web browsers on roonlabs.com?

Why was it so important for your developers to disable context menus on Roonlabs.com? This makes it a real bother to click on links that a forum participant might embed or include in a post. As it is, one must re-navigate to the new page and hit the back button on the browser to return to Roonlabs.com.

I installed “Allow Right Click” at the Chrome store and now I can right click on links and open them in a different tab.

I don’t believe it is disabled; two-finger click works just fine with Chrome on MacOS. Maybe another add-on is causing the problem? Try disabling them all and try again.

We’re not doing anything to disable right click, and it is working fine in every browser I have handy. I think there is something going wrong in your web browser or maybe with an extension or adblocker, like @Martin_Webster suggested.