Why is Passenger artist shown as /Passenger. in Roon

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Because that’s how the band stylized their name.

But I’m not doing a search for a band that has the stylized name /Passenger.

I’m searching for Passenger. Passenger is a current artist with Albums not using that different stylized name. Why would Roon prioritize a different name over the one I searched for?

Hey @J_Rios,

Would you please confirm if this is the issue you’re facing: if you search for Passenger, does the artist you’re referring to not show up after you perform the search? Could you please share a screenshot of the search result in Roon?

Here’s a screenshot. When I search for the artist Passenger, the #1 prioritized result from Roon is “/Passenger.”

Seems strange that instead of showing the exact search I’m requesting as the top result, Roon is instead showing “/Passenger.” as the top result. Why the extra characters being added to my search when selecting the top result to show?


Hey @J_Rios,

Thanks for the screenshot. We appreciate the details.

It seems the issue is a question of prioritizing: which artist is displayed first when searching for “Passenger”. I’m glad that you can at least reach the artist you are looking for on the results page.

I wonder if it’s not a question of the special character (the forward slash /) being prioritized.

Yes, right. To take my example further, if I searched for the band “Yes”, Roon should return as the Top Artist the band Yes… correct?

It shouldn’t return a band named "//X.YES./# " with extra characters added…

Thanks a lot for sharing that!

I’ve checked with our team and it seems that the results are based on scoring.

Thanks for chiming in and sharing what makes sense to see when searching for an artist. We’re taking that into account :slight_smile:

I’m curious what you mean by “the results are are based on a scoring”.

What possible “score” would make a search result for “Passenger” result in the return being prioritized as #1 Top Artist “/Passenger.”

What a score makes “/Passenger.” a prioritized result vs. the a actual search term “Passenger”.

That really confuses me.

Thanks again

More users select & play /Passenger than Passenger i.e./Passenger is more popular/prevalent among Roon’s users so /Passenger is prioritised as a search result. You’re in the Valence herd.

I will give up soon. But your logic is - “if Roon presents it that way, and people then select it, it must the the best/most correct way”

That is not sound logic however.

If you are curious I would suggest you take a few spare minutes and scour Google or the browser of your choice and see what relevant information you find about the artist “/Passenger.”. You will find virtually nothing other than one wiki article. Also take a look a Spotify and you will see that “/Passenger.” isn’t even presented. While “Passenger” has over 10 MIllion followers.

“Passenger” is the name of the relevant artist that is making albums and touring.

I see one album from 2007 he used /Passenger. as the name. The rest he used Passenger so I would think both are correct as it’s the same artist.

So back to my original point I was making:

If I search for “Passenger” what is the better “Top Artist” choice for Roon to present?

  1. The artist that has made albums since 2007, has over 10 million followers on Spotify, has a current album, is touring North America and Europe in 2022, and matched my search term exactly,


  1. The artist that made an album in 2007 and doesn’t match my search term.

I didn’t say I agree with the search result, only provided you the rationale. Within Roon that chap you’re referring to as option 1 is called /Passenger.

Actually, /Passenger is the band fronted by Passenger (Michael David Rosenberg). Although obviously closely related, they are not the same thing.



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I think this is a recent change as I never saw the /Passenger version previously.

I’ve got round it by merging the 2 artists (as a lot of Mike Rosenbergs albums were incorrectly shown as /Passenger) and then renaming the artist to Passenger.

All albums now show up together in my library, though search is still showing some other versions with the wrong albums.

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Experience the same issue with most of “Passengers” albums showing up under “/Passenger.”, which is incorrect, so there’s something wrong with the Roon matching for these two different artists.

Not necessarily Roon, but the metadata services Roon relies on. If it’s incorrectly tagged that /Passenger is the artist in those then that’s where the problem lies and Roon return that. Musicbrainz and Rovi get an awful lot wrong. Not an excuse but Roons matching artists is only as accurate as the data available to it.

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