Why is Pink Floyd not MQA on Tidal?

At least in Switzerland, Tidal does not show PF as MQA, even though this was announced to all corners a few weeks ago.

Is MQA licensing regional or what?

Could well be I am yet to see masses of MQA in South Africa

In Sweden, I get this:

Unfortunately ZERO MQA content for PF in Switzerland.

Results for Belgium: 41 MQA albums

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So I take it that, at least in Europe, this MQA release is EU-wide, to the exclusion of non-EU countries. Can any Norwegians confirm?

All OK in Norway - Pink Floyd is availible in MQA. Norway is NOT an EU country.

Yes, exactly why I asked about Norway.

So perhaps the remaining question is: anyone based in Switzerland with access to MQA PF? If so, then I have no idea why I am facing this problem.

Just FYI: I cannot yet see any PF in MQA in Tidal in Australia, either–only 16/44.1 FLAC.

No PF Tidal MQA here in the United States either :frowning:

Tks - so it’s basically EU and a few other countries - surprised the US does not have it either.

I live in Switzerland too, and I see PF MQA versions both in Tidal directly as in roon.

Tks - I think I understand the issue now - my annual Tidal subscription is from the US (based on a Best Buy promotion a while ago), so licensed content must be related to that area. I had thought accessing it from CH would mean accessing regionally licensed content from here (like Netflix); but this is not the case.

I am based in the UK which at this point in time is still in the EU.

I don’t see any PF MQA versions available in Tidal via Roon, so it’s not the case that PF MQA content is available EU wide. I haven’t used the Tidal App for quite some time so can’t say if Tidal ‘Masters’ are available via the Tidal App.

Odd. I’m also in the UK. All PF albums show up in Roon as Masters/MQA.

Hmack and Andy, where are your Tidal subscriptions from originally? As I indicated above, this is probably the defining factor for the range of licensed content.

My sub is UK.


I’ve just checked the Tidal app on my laptop, and I do apparently have access to ‘Masters’ (MQA) versions of the Pink Floyd albums using that app.

Definitely no ‘Masters’ versions available for PF albums through Roon via Tidal though.

My subscription is also UK based.

**EDIT:**Apologies! Just checked Roon again and the MQA masters versions are there.

I’m sure they weren’t there when I last checked yesterday, but maybe I’m going madmaybe I’ve always been mad.Please don’t put your wires in my brain!


oh one of my all time favourite albums.

I don’t use Tidal. Not because of MQA but because of appalling customer service.

Can see the ‘Division Bell’ in MQA both in Tidal App and Roon.