Why Is Roon Doing This?

Why is Roon breaking these Works up into two separate Works each? Le Tombeau De Couperin should be a single Work with four parts as should Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales. I checked my tags with two different tag programs and everything looks good. The results are identical whether or not I let Roon identify the album. BTW, this is part of a four disc set for which AllMusic has no metadata information at all, i.e., the album/set is in AllMusic but with no metadata. Any way to fix this so that it appears correctly?

I have a few albums that show up like that. It doesn’t bother me but I would also like to know if there is a way to easily correct it.

Hi @Robert_Daines,

Can you share a screenshot of the top of the album page so I can see the album art, title, and identification status?


@dylan Thanks for your response. Screen shot as requested and a link to AllMusic for this set for reference.