Why is search so pedantic?

Why does search in Roon have to be so pedantic. You have to enter the name exactly to get a match. One letter wrong or missing you often get nothing.

Example I found to today for artist called Moodymann. Miss one n of the end you only get results in artists for moodyman a completely different artist and no sign of the one you want. And vice versa. Surely it should show both.

What’s wrong with a nearest match or having some intelligence to correct and offer up an alternative.

Also we really need to be able to choose what its looking up like you cannon Qobuz. Would just make the whole thing so much easier to use and actually return what your after.


There are really two searches within Roon.

The first and very pedantic one is the filter (inverted horn) and it works exactly like you say - one wrong or missed character and the results are useless.

The second one is the little magnifying glass in the top hand corner. This search is much more forgiving but it also slower and often requires several additional clicks to can to the results one is looking for.

Nonetheless Roon still does not have wild card searches or Boolean searching. When oh when, if ever, will Roon enter the 21st century?


I am referring to the magnifying glass Roons general search tool which is very pedantic, more so since 1.8 I have found, Funnel filter does what its supposed to do and filter your search results by what you type in wrong or right its not a search.

Interesting - I don’t get “Moodyman” in the results, but only “Moodman” or “MOODMAN”.

  • I only have Qobuz as my streaming service
  • I don’t have “Moodyman” represented in my local Library

Could that be why my search results are better?

And if I search for “Moodyman” Roon understands that I in fact mean “Moodymann”

I have Qobuz and dont have it locally but get this

Search for Moodymann
I get this

I should at least get them both in the first search with 1 n.

I have seen this in other instances where you get on letter wrong at the end like an I instead of e and it wont find it. It needs to be a bit more forgiving, especaily when its not in your library so the name wont appear as a choice, which it does when its in your library.

My question is - why are our two results different for the “Moodyman” search, when apparently we are both using Qobuz, and don’t have Moodyman / Moodymann in our local libraries?

You seem to want what I’m seeing, and I would like to know (from Roon Labs) why I see it and you don’t.

I get the same thing as CrystalGipsy. Very interesting results considering they should both be the same.

I also get the same thing as CrystalGipsy.

I’m in the UK and get the same results as @CrystalGipsy.

Roon search, grrrrr…

the the

Comes back with some bizarre results, I raised this a few years ago, why is “Prince” a result for that search.

the artist formerly known as the purple one


I get the same results as CrystalGypsie, and I’m using Tidal.

I agree and as relatively new user it’s been somewhat of a disappointment, this should be among the developers top priorities. The folks at Roon seem to be very smart and hopefully they’ll recognize it and work on it. I have used free software that can search more efficiently.

I just learned the Spotify has keyword searching using artist:, label:, year:, genre:, track, etc. and of course AND OR logic!

here is the reference (on wayback machine)

My pet peeve on Roon search is … type ahead is good, but when I pick from that list, say a given artist, it should take me DIRECTLY to that artist. It doesn’t.


This is what I get, don’t know why you get something different.

Neither do I or plenty others who tried the same search makes no sense. Roons search is a black hole of mystery.

@support any reason why this would be happening? It can’t be regional, as it’s available if I enter in moodymann so can’t be that.

Could it be a platform thing? Are the results different on Windows vs. Mac/Linux, etc. ?

Interesting concept do you mean core or remote?

Core sorry, I’d guess the remotes a core client and just displays what it gets sent back.

Yes, just wanted to clarify. Not sure how the os would change what results it gets back. It’s a real mystery though another quirk to add to the all ready mysterious missing albums conundrum.