Why is still soooo coplicated to add, remove, change genre

edit → edit album → scroll down → type genre → save
all this just to add one word!
Why not manage genres like tags. At the end genres are just another type of tag.
I have a big library and genres are little bit messed up, but if every time i have to change a genre i must go trough all this … i just leave it.

That genres from tidal are not transferred when the album is added to library is another very strange decision …

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You can apply genres to multiple albums at once - you don’t have to do this for each album individually… For example:

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ok, adding a genre on this way should be fine … although removing is still a pain in the a**. I have to type each genre, that have to be removed.

How do I first
select multiple albums like you show in your example?

Geoff, I did some research and answered my own question, thanks anyway.

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